Our reviews are based on our visits to each space and they are completely unbiased, regardless of how much cake we may have been offered.

In order for a space to be considered significant enough to be listed it must meet our criteria for being exceptional. We're not interested in spaces that sell themselves on glitz and glam or dancing waiters, because a wedding day isn't about them; it's about you. Size isn't important either, but character, ambiance and professional service definitely are, and the opportunity for amazing photos is essential.

Our philosophy for selecting a space is to go with gut feel and let everything else flow from there, including the number of guests you invite. But we know that's not always as easy or practical as it sounds, so as well as location we use three criteria to help you get a feel for each space.

Small: perfect for intimate gatherings of up to around 50 of your nearest and dearest
Medium: the typical size for a wedding space, accommodating up to around 150 revellers
Large: when you need space for 150+

Contemporary: restaurants, event spaces and function centres
Heritage: historical relevance, ancient architecture and a return to an age of elegance
Industrial: warehouses, factories, and concrete floors
Outdoor: streets, open fields, and the middle of nowhere
Recreational: beaches, parks, and sailing clubs
Rustic: wineries, barns, camp sites, and country manors
Space Of Worship: churches, chapels, temples and synagogues

Perfect For
Destination Weddings: our favourite option as everything happens in one place, removing the need to travel between locations and allowing you and your guests to relax on arrival
Ceremonies: typically spaces of worship
Receptions: usually restaurants and spaces that can't accommodate ceremonies

It's rare for our visits to coincide with a wedding taking place, so the photos (taken by ourselves and sourced from the venues) are intended to provide a feel for the blank canvas. However, where possible each review includes links to specially selected weddings to show how the potential of each space has been realised by talented photographers, stylists and florists.